One Hour Crochet Slippers
AllFreeCrochet | Runtime (22 mins)

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50 views | Published on Aug 9, 2017

If you are wanting to make a homemade gift, but are running low on time, this slipper tutorial with Kristi Simpson is the perfect crochet pattern for you.


You will need...

In order to make this pattern you need bulky yarn, which allows the crochet process to go much faster, and you need a smaller crochet hook in order to keep the stitches night and tight. These slippers are a great gift since they color and variegation of the yarn can be changed; however, when choosing a variegated yarn it is important to pick a yarn that has quick color changes.


There are no downloadable patterns for this tutorial.

How difficult is this tutorial?

For those who have experience in Crochet.

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